Google •Pixel 7a EU Launch

Google · Pixel 7a

The launch of the Google Pixel 7a aims to introduce a highly anticipated smartphone to Amazon customers, highlighting its advanced AI capabilities alongside other key features. Targeting tech-savvy consumers, the Pixel 7a will showcase its AI-powered camera system for stunning photos and videos, AI-driven optimizations for improved performance, and AI-enhanced features for a seamless user experience.


The primary challenge in the launching campaign of the Google Pixel 7a is to effectively communicate its advanced AI capabilities to the target audience. This involves translating technical features into relatable benefits and overcoming any skepticism or confusion surrounding AI technology. Striking the right balance between technical details and consumer-friendly language, while showcasing practical applications of AI in enhancing the camera, performance, and user experience, is crucial for a successful campaign.


We provided a solution by organizing a live stream event tailored to influencers representing the target audience segments, including the Always-On Persona, the Techie Persona, and the Solutionist. This event aimed to deliver a personalized experience that resonated with each specific niche, leveraging the influencers' ability to convey an on-point message.

To achieve this, we designed the event with segment-specific sessions. For the Always-On Persona, we showcased the Pixel 7a's impressive battery life and seamless connectivity, highlighting how its AI power management intelligently optimizes battery usage for extended usage. For the Techie Persona, we emphasized the device's advanced AI capabilities, such as AI-powered camera enhancements for stunning photos and videos, and AI-driven optimizations that enhance performance and multitasking. Lastly, for the Solutionist, we focused on the practical applications of AI in the Pixel 7a, demonstrating how AI-driven features and smart assistance can streamline daily tasks and improve productivity.

To ensure a powerful impact, we carefully selected influencers who aligned with each target persona and had a strong following in their respective niches. These influencers led demonstrations and discussions during the live stream, effectively showcasing the AI features of the Pixel 7a and explaining how they enhance the user experience. By providing a personalized experience and leveraging the influencers' expertise, we successfully engaged each target segment and delivered a compelling message about the Pixel 7a's AI capabilities and its ability to offer an intelligent and seamless smartphone experience.