Nike •Air Max 90

Nike • Air Max 90

Introducing the Nike Air Max 90 30th Anniversary Project! Our team embarked on an exciting endeavor to celebrate the iconic AM90s and bring their remarkable journey to life. The primary objective was to create captivating editorial content that would serve as a narrative thread, weaving together the rich history and evolution of this legendary sneaker.




Our design challenge was to create a conversion-oriented page that not only conveyed a compelling story but also effectively managed a large amount of information.


To tackle this challenge, I devised a solution that focused on simplicity, intuitiveness, and captivating storytelling while ensuring the user was not overwhelmed with excessive information.

The key aspect of my approach was to divide the storytelling into three distinct parts, leveraging the concept of progressive disclosure. By gradually revealing information, we ensured that users were guided through the narrative in a clear and engaging manner. This approach enabled us to strike a balance between providing relevant content and avoiding information overload.


To enhance the user experience, I incorporated sliding transitions, animation effects, and smooth scrolling. These dynamic elements not only added a touch of interactivity but also created a seamless and visually appealing navigation. By seamlessly transitioning between sections, users felt as though they were navigating within a single, cohesive page, resulting in a fluid and intuitive browsing experience.

Furthermore, I leveraged scrolling animations to further immerse users in the storytelling journey. These animations added a layer of depth and engagement, capturing users' attention and creating a truly immersive browsing experience. By carefully designing these animations, we were able to maintain a balance between visual impact and usability, ensuring they enhanced the narrative without distracting from the core message.

In summary, my solution for the conversion-oriented page with an attractive and effective storytelling successfully addressed the challenge of managing a large amount of information. Through a simple and intuitive navigation, progressive disclosure, and the strategic use of sliding transitions, animation effects, and scrolling animations, I created a captivating and immersive browsing experience. The end result is a page that not only drives conversions but also keeps users engaged throughout their journey, making it a highly effective and memorable experience.






Graphics and Motion Graphic: Muten Factory

Client: Studio X NIKE

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